sgchris (sgchris) wrote,

Whistling through an empty house?

Wow.  Seems a bit odd being here after such a long absence.

Perhaps I have been seeing too much Downton Abbey but I feel like this is an empty house I should quietly enter, remove my hat, and stare around at the dust covers and drifting leaves being blown in the door behind me.


I have been meaning to do better, to visit here more often.  I have Thought about it.  But other things have pulled me away, doing other things.

I could make promises to be here posting more often and have witty scintillating things to say, but then that would sound more like a feckless secret lover flitting off to more exciting things and people.  

……Hmmm, Well, since I feel like I’m alone here most of the time anyway, and this is sort of one of my less talked about ‘secret’ things, might not be that far off I guess.

But no time to linger for now.  I must be off again.   My cup of tea is ready to sip and I must flit on to other things to do.

Bye for now.

*Kiss Kiss*

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