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Writer’s Playlists

Most writers have playlists.   Music.   What did you think I was talking about.   Really?

Some writers like Maggie Stiefvater and new-book-coming-out Kat Spears apparently spend Loads of time constructing said playlists and Very carefully looking for Just the right music to write their books by.

Yeah.  Okay.  So, not me.   But that's the great thing about writers, and readers, we like different things.

So if you are interested in Playlists check James River Writers Conference 2014 list.

Conference Fever:

JRWCon 2014 Ultimate Playlist

By Lana Krumweide
Music makes everything better. Learning, working, socializing, healing—everything goes more smoothly with the right song.  Why should the James River Writers Conference be any different? We’ve put together a playlist to help you get ready for the conference:

Track 1: Madness (Muse)
You write because you can’t not write,


and we get that. Spending a weekend with people who share this peculiar sort of madness will make you feel sane again (results may vary).

Track 2: A Little Less Conversation (Elvis Presley)
Start off the weekend with our Friday hands-on Master Classes taught by top-notch writing instructors and publishing professionals. For example, if you find that your writing needs a little less conversation and a little more action, Sheri Reynolds’s class on pacing can help you with that.

See the Entire Spotify JRWCon14 Playlist Here

If you have signed up for the JRW newsletter, then this is in it.   So you might have seen it.  But you might not have opened it yet, so that's why I posted it here.

In case you needed another chance to see it.   You know.  Cause we're all different.

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